Strategic Partners

There are many types of Strategic Partners that are key to the success of our offerings, all of whom recognize and embrace the need for their family, friends, employees, clients and/or firms to have their "homes and businesses in order" for a variety of reasons:

  • To protect and preserve a family's legacy  – including the finances, the medical history and the assets - because in times of crisis, things fall through the cracks.
  • To ensure more efficiency for clients, by presenting fewer "surprises", less clerical time and more high quality planning time. 
  • They recognize that having a Life Inventory™ allows trusted advisors to properly plan for their clients' futures.
  • They can widen and deepen their reach to potential customers

These Strategic Partners take the form of:

Strategic Partners who are the "Trusted Advisors" of clients, such as attorneys, accountants, estate planners, insurance providers, banks, churches, synagogues, health care advocates, family offices and other professional and not-for-profit firms.

Referral or Selling Agents who believe in the product offering with a passion and are well connected, outgoing people.  They cross the spectrum with a unique set of skills: They are advocates of proactivity,  understand the value of having everything known, resident  and securely protected in one place, the consequences of being unprepared and can articulate that mesage to potential clients and end users, either through their own firms or their network, bringing prospective clients and firms to our solution.

CBData® Service Providers, who not only see the need for their clients to have their "homes and businesses in order" but also have the requisite skillsets to provide the data aggregation (CBData® Aggregators), the data input (CBData® JumpStarters or both services (CBData® Concierges), in partnership with their clients, delivering a Life Inventory™ product for the client to maintain or allow the Service Provider to continue to maintain.

Strategic Resources, who have additional insights with regard to various components of the product, offering sound advise and/or additional information  considered valuable.  These could be firms that complement our offerings, firms that enhance knowledge about a given subject and even websites that offer additional links to information.