Strategic Partners
CBData® Certified JumpStart Concierges

CBData® Certified JumpStart Concierges are our most advanced Service Providers.  

A CBData® Certified JumpStart Concierge is an independently owned and operated service company that provides the entire Life Inventory™ aggregation and data input process, under its professional umbrella.  The Concierge has the required experience with both Aggregation and JumpStarts, providing references, insurance, a background check and everything an operating service business should have.  A Concierge partners with the client until the client is either comfortable enough to take over the maintenance of their CBData® file or continuing on, maintains the data for the client, to ensure that it doesn't get stale.

® Certified JumpStart Concierges operate as independent Strategic Partners of CareBinders, LLC and are in the process of becoming a growing group, strategically located across the country.  We have a number of firms working with us, to attain the Certified Concierge standard.  Stay tuned to this section, as people start out as Aggregators, progress to JumpStarters and, finally, become CBData® Certified JumpStart Concierges.
CareBinders, LLC.
CareBinders, LLC.
We are the originator of and are the first established CBData® Certified JumpStart Concierge.  We are also the creator of the CBData® Life Inventory™ concept, the CBData® Life Inventory™ Solutions and the CBData® Product Suite.  We service clients around the country, via WebEx or in person and serve as backup to all of our Service Providers.