CBData® Jumpstart Solutions
For the people that want to get organized and know they need to get organized but don't have the time or the know-how to do it, we've created a set of tailored solutions to help "JumpStart" the process. 
  • We know what needs to be collected or "aggregated" to create your Life Inventory™
  • We know how to create a home inventory
  • We know how to scan documents and get them ready for input into a safe, secure digital repository
  • We know how to input your data into that safe, secure repository
  • We are professional, maintain confidentialtiy, are insured, have been doing this for many years and we are passionate about getting you all of your information so that when, not if, a medical or natural crisis occurs, you have everything at your fingertips so you can make informed decisions.
Come explore our CBData® Life Inventory™ Solutions so we can help get you started, today! 

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