CBData® JumpStart Concierge
How long does it take to get me "JumpStarted"?

As stated before, obviously, that depends on a number of factors.

1. How organized is your data?  REALLY?

2. How many Family Profiles or Business Profiles do you want done? (the first one always takes the longest but subsequent ones can reuse the information we’ve already input, that's the same).

3. How many residences do you have? (for each residence, you have a whole new set of service providers, hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, etc.).

On average a basic JumpStart for a fairly healthy family of four, with one home, takes 6-12 hours for the first fully JumpStarted Member Profile, then about two to four hours for each additional Member Profile, because of the ability to reuse the data.  That means that, in less than 30 hours, we can create the framework and begin to get your entire house in order!  Updating from there is easy;  you only update that which has changed.