CBData® JumpStart Concierge

What is a JumpStart Concierge?

A CBData® JumpStart Concierge is a service that utilizes seasoned professionals to help you in the three- phased process of getting your Life Inventory™ together. 

The first phase is to assess your personal situation, to properly be able to size your project.  This includes conducting a 2 hour interview, asking general questions (nothing personal) and delivering to you a written, prioritized Action Plan, identifying everything you need to collect for your Life Inventory™.  It is after this phase that we can give you an estimate as to how long the project should take, based on each prioritized task.

If you want us to move forward, helping you, we then locate and collect, or aggregate, all of the important Life Inventory™ information we've determined you'll need in a natural or medical emergency.   This can also include creating a home inventory for each place your belongings reside.

Finally, the last phase, which can go hand-in-hand with the second phase, is to input all of that information, with attached supporting documents, into our safe, secure software product, right on your local computer, or ours, if you prefer, backed up a variety of ways, so that when you need the information, it is right there for you.