CBData® JumpStart Concierge
What about my confidential information? 

If you want us to just collect and input non-confidential information, we can do that.

Over 85% of what goes into CBData® is non-confidential. Think about it.  Most people use American Express, Bank of America, CVS, Walgreens, certain hospitals; it’s just the account numbers, pin numbers, passwords and critical documents that make something “confidential” and we can put in placeholders, such as "needed" and show you how you can input those, after we’ve laid the foundation of framing the various member and business profiles.

If you want us to input confidential information, we can do that, as well.  Part of our contract with you includes a non-disclosure agreement that ensures that any confidential information you give us will remain confidential and that any documents you give us will be returned to you.