CBData® JumpStart Concierge
What are the Logistics?
1.  We start by interviewing you, preferably in
     person but, if necessary, over the phone,
     to get an idea of how long it will take to
     perform the service, (if you have three
     homes, not just one, you have three
     "sets" of service providers, may have three
     sets of hospitals, doctors, etc, so it will take
     a little longer..), the best way to perform the
     service (at your home, business, over the
     phone...) and to familiarize you with our firm
     and our process. 

2.  We assess you, as a prospective client – we 
     fill out a Client Assessment Form - so we
     can give you a proper estimate and a written,
     prioritized Action Plan.

3.  If you decide you want to move forward, we
     send you an information packet that

  • a checklist of what you need pulled together
  • an estimate, based on the Assessment we did
  • a contract for you to sign, which includes a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that assures you that we will keep your information confidential
  • an invoice for a retainer that includes four hours of work and the cost of the CBData® program.

4.  We’ll follow up with phone call, within a
     week, if we don’t hear from you first.

5.  We'll await your signed contract and
     retainer and, if we’re performing the
     service from our office, with your
     documents being sent to us, we suggest you
     send via Fed Ex.

6.  As soon as we receive your information,
     we’ll call you to confirm receipt and
     schedule appointments.

7.  We then send you a checklist of all of the
     items that we believe will need to be pulled
     together and a contract, with a
     confidentiality clause included so you can
     feel comfortable that we will not disclose
     anything we see to anyone without your
     permission and then, based on how we've
     agreed the information will be collected,
you put it together, yourself, or we
     come to your home or office and work
     through that checklist with you, onsite.

8.  We then input your data into our CBData®
      program, in a number of ways:

  • We can meet you online, via a program called WebEx, inputting non-confidential client information onto your PC while you are on the phone with us, watching us inputting information you have gathered
  • We can input information that you may have sent to us, either on our computerr or, again, via WebEx, on your computer.
  • We can input information onto your PC or our computer by an in-depth interview process, without anyone having formally gathered information.
  • We can input your information right onsite, at your home or office.

During the input process, we create a "Profile" for every family member that you want included and/or for every business you own, with all the important information stored, right on your local computer. We generally do not keep a copy of your data on our computer, unless you request that we do so. If you don’t have a computer, we can either store the data for you, on our computer at our office, or send it to a family member or trusted advisor, like an attorney or an accountant, and delete your information from our computer.  Sometimes, however, clients like us to keep a copy of their data, for them, as one more "backup"...just in case.

We generally conduct two hour sessions.  Our goal is to start by getting you the two easiest and most important reports:

     a. Emergency Wallet Card, which should be able
            to be produced within the first two hour

     b.   Wallet Contents Report, which should be able
            to be produced within the second two hour

We feel that it is important for you to see results as quickly as possible.  Once you see the above two reports, you’ll understand how powerful the CBData® product is.  We will continue to work with you until you are either ready to take over the rest of the input, yourself, or until we have completed all of the data input for every family member and business.  We can continue to populate your CBData® program so you can get ALL the reports you want, for each member of your family.

The beauty of the JumpStart process is that you can take over whenever you want - even from the start, since you have the written, prioritized Action Plan and, if you decide at any point, that you want us to be  - involved, again, we can be.

We do not keep any of your data, unless you request us to and you can always send us a copy of your data file if you want our help, in the future.