CBData® JumpStart Concierge
What does a JumpStart Concierge cost?

As with most things, the answer is "It depends".  But we'll try to give you a basic idea of the components of the cost.

Everything starts with an Assessment.  Our Initial Assessment/Interview Process costs $500 and includes the two hour interview and the writeup.  For ourJumpStart service, the charges are $150/hour for the personal version and $250/hr for the small business version.  Charges can vary, by geographic location and include travel time and expenses.

CBData®JumpStart charges depend on which services you want included, how much information you have and its accessibility.

For a complete JumpStart, an average family, with one home, two to three children and readily accessible information will take, on average, 6-12 hours for the first Member's basic Profile and anywhere from 2-5 hours for each additional Profile, because of the reusability of the information.  That means that, for somewhere between $2,000-$4,000, we can get your entire house in order!  Updating from there is easy;  you only update that which has changed.   And if cost is an issue,  you can rely on our written Assessment to guide you along the way, with us only helping when you feel you need it.  We also offer Introductory Mini-Projects that help pave the way for you to continue the process, on your own and even training classes, so motivated people can easily JumpStart themselves.

In order to participate in our JumpStart program, you must have a copy of our CBData® software.  The software is a onetime fee of $150 for the personal version and $250 for the small business version, which includes the personal version.  Both versions include the mobile app sync, a year's support and upgrades and a "sharing" coupon that can be used for three (3) additional personal versions for only $79 each.

We also charge for items such as copies, scans and organizing products, if we utilize them.