CBData® Upgrade to CBData® Pro for Small Business
Considering starting a small business?  Have you just established a Trust or Family Partnership or even a Family Office that needs to have all of its important information in one place?

If you've been using CBData® and, as with most things in life, your needs have changed, consider upgrading to CBData
® Pro for small business!

For just a $100, one time upgrade fee, you can turn your personal version into a full blown small business version!

CBData® Pro is an extension of CBData®.  It resides in the same database and allows the user to pull information that is also used in their small business(es), like Personal Contacts that are also Professional ones. Addresses, Professional Firms, Vendors, Service Providers - all can be pulled over to the small business side so that there’s no need for double input.

And the business side has even more functionality.  Like keeping track of employees, consultants, prospects, clients, timesheets, even billing!  To upgrade, and enjoy the benefits of BOTH products, input your CBData
® Personal License "fingerprint" and go to checkout.  

If it's important to your business, it belongs in your copy of CBData® Pro!