CBData® - The Personal License

CBData®, the personal version, retails at $150. And for that, you get at least $1,000 worth of similar, disjointed programs...that all reside in one location!

Additionally, with every copy of a CBData
® license, we include a "Sharing Coupon".  Our mission is to get people to get organized so that, when, not if, a natural or medical disaster arises, people will have everything they need, right at their fingertips, in order to make sound decisions.

"Sharing Coupon"

To encourage our company mission, for every CBData® and CBData® Pro license purchased, the purchaser will receive a coupon to be able to purchase three additional Personal copies of CBData® at a significantly discounted price of $79 each. This coupon can be redeemed, with one time purchases, for up to three Personal copies of CBData® by selecting to purchase the Personal License of CBData® and, at checkout, inputting the coupon code in the Sharing Coupon field.

If it's important to you, it should be in your copy of CBData