CPAs, Attorneys & Estate Planners
How can a CPA, an Attorney or an Estate Planner properly plan for a client if they can't see the whole picture?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if, instead of a shoebox or a paper bag, a client came in with a list of all of their important information, including:
  • In Case of Emergency People, with contact information
  • Professional Firms, with contact information
  • Bank, Brokerage and Investment accounts, with numbers, contact information, balances and dates
  • Passwords and secured locations
  • Properties
  • A Home Inventory of important physical assets
  • Insurance documents, trust documents and other important and critical legal documents
It's called a "Life Inventory™" and CBData® automatically creates it, when you or your clients use our product. 

Too daunting a task?  Let our CBData
® Life Inventory™ Solutions group partner with your clients to inexpensively and confidentially help them "get their house in order".

Secure, not Internet based, yet able to be sync'd, ready only, to mobile devices and shared with designated trusted advisors and family members, CBData
® will make your life and your clients' lives more efficient, giving them the peace of mind they need.

You can even customize the "splash" page so that, every time one of your clients opens their copy of CBData®, they are reminded as to who gave it to them.

Make the difference in your clients' lives and be a firm that differentiates themselves among all others.

Give the gift of "peace of mind".

Give your clients a copy of CBData®

If it's important to you and/or your client, it should be in their copy of CBData®