Medical & Healthcare
More than 80% of doctors want patients to bring in their own records when seeing them.  That's because medicine has gotten so fragmented, with specialty silos.  When you visit your doctor, they're only seeing the "slice" of you that they personally treat.

Online medical PHRs are not consistent, they are, by nature, on the Internet and, consequently, people are not prone to maintaining an honest and complete picture of their medical history.

Additionally, when walking into your internist, they may not know that just last week, your dentist put you on a preventive round of an antibiotic because you're getting a tooth pulled. 

Doctors need to see the whole picture;  all medications - prescribed and self-prescribed, in order to properly treat you.

Healthcare advocates need to be able to have all of your medical information, at hand, in order to properly help and advocate for you.

CBData®'s Medical section creates the report both you and your doctors need, such as an Emergency Wallet Card that you keep in your wallet or purse, that lets someone know who your ICE (in case of emergency) contacts are, what doctors to call, what allergies you have, what diagnoses you have and what medications you're taking.  All critical information in an emergency, especially if you're not able to speak!

Imagine being able to walk into any doctor's office and giving that doctor all the information they'd want to see to be able to properly assess where you are, medically.  It's called a Medical Intake Report, and it includes:
  • Personal data, such as address, phone, picture of patient
  • Insurance data
  • Allergies
  • All medications, including which doctor prescribed them, the reason and even the doctor's phone number
  • Medical procedures
  • Rx appliances
  • Diagnoses from ALL doctors
  • Medical history of family members
  • Symptoms and questions you have for the doctor you're seeing.
CBData® allows you to easily keep accurate records and attach test results to your secure data file.  And that way, your doctor can really know the facts when you seek medical attention!

If it's important to your life, it belongs in CBData®