Every person and every business needs to have their important information together so that when a medical or natural disaster occurs, the information is at hand, decisions can be made and people don't have to scramble to find things.  

We'll work with you to find the best way to use CBData® as a fundraiser and/or as a supplemental piece of software for your organization, that consolidates information that your traditional organization specific software doesn't include.

Perhaps it's by creating a "Caring Community" for your group, where you pair middle school or high school students with seniors, to help them get their life information input into CBData®.  85% of what goes into CBData® is non-confidential information, so it's a great way for computer savvy students to help seniors along the path to "peace of mind".

Perhaps it's getting sponsors to buy CBData
® to give to special needs or special situations members, with a percentage of the costs being donated back to your Not-for-Profit organization.

From giving seminars, classes and webinars to outright donations of our product for raffles, CBData® is ready to help.  Contact us so we can find the best way to work with your group.