Entrepreneurs & Solopreneurs
There are over 30 million people working out of their homes, with the number growing, daily!

Many of the professional firms and service providers that are used personally, by someone who works at home, are also used by them, professionally, for their business.  And there are additional considerations, such as business plans, employees or consultants and their timesheets, customer relationship management and billing, marketing and social media vendors and, of course, IT.  There are  many more passwords to remember for businesses than on the personal side.  To ensure that all of these items are properly recorded and maintained could cost thousands of dollars, if you bought separate programs for them.  And then, how would you create one meaningful report that consolidates the information?

That's why we created CBData® Pro.  Everything an Entrepeneur or Solopreneur needs to simplify and consolidate their business retention requirements can be done with CBData® Pro.  And you get the added benefit of having the personal side to keep track of your family, as well!

For Entrepreneurs, their business(es) are a key part of their total assets, so it is equally as important to document that information as it is your personal information.  CBData
® Pro makes that easy.  Anything that you input on the personal side can be pulled over and "reused" on the small business side.

Key to any successful business is having all of your information organized, so that you know where you're headed, so you can benchmark where you are, currently, from where you stared, so you present a professional image to your clients and potential investors and so that you're prepared when auditors walk through your door. 

® Pro helps you accomplish all of these things...and much more!

If it's important to your business, it belongs in your copy of CBData
® Pro!