Wealth Management
The "Culture of Compliance" is upon us.

As the Financial industry becomes even more regulated, CBData® Pro is the perfect repository for all of your registrations, business plans, BCDR, employee documents, client communications and everything you'd need when auditors walk through your office door.  Instead of scrambling, you can give them read-only access to review everything you've neatly compiled, proving your compliance.  The program even has a calendar and reminder system so that you don't miss filings;  perfect for  Chief Compliance Officers! 
Everything you need to simplify and consolidate your business retention requirements can be done with CBData® Pro. 

Key to any successful business is having all of your information organized, so that you know where you're headed, so you can benchmark where you are, currently, from where you stared, so you present a professional image to your clients and potential investors and so that you're prepared when auditors walk through your door. 

CBData®, our personal version, is also a great value-add for your clients, letting them know that you care about more than just their investment account. 

You can even customize the "splash" page so that, every time one of your clients opens their copy of CBData®, they are reminded as to who gave it to them.  And, if they just give it away, unlike a box of chocolate or a bottle of wine, it is a constant reminder of your firm's generosity.

Make the difference in your clients' lives and be a firm that sets themselves apart from all others.

Give the gift of "peace of mind".

Give your clients a copy of CBData®