Training & Certification

We offer a variety of training and certification options... from one-on-one training classes, to Webinars to onsite seminars to certification courses, all geared toward helping clients create their own Life Inventory™.

What is a Life Inventory™?

A Life Inventory™ is a catalog of everything important in your clients’ lives; from their family members, pets, to their online accounts, passwords and secured locations.  From their wallet contents to the financial accounts.  From their service providers to their medical information.  From their pictures of their home contents to pictures of their family...and everything in between.

There are three basic components to creating a Life Inventory™:

  1. Aggregating the information
  2. Scanning the necessary documents
  3. Inputting the information into a secure digital repository, such as CBData®
Each of these tasks takes a variety of skills, not necessarily the same for each task.

To aggregate data for someone, you need to know what needs aggregating - for each of the products, personal and small business.  You need to be organized.  You need to be personable, professional and able to maintain confidences.  You need to be caring and patient, especially with seniors.

To scan documents, you need to not only maintain the appropriate confidentiality and be organized, but you also need to be able to discern what needs to be scanned and be a bit more technologically adept.

Finally, to input information into CBData
® and/or CBData® Pro, you need to be comfortable with technology (not an expert!) and completely understand our products so that you can tailor it to each client.  CBData® and CBData® Pro have been created to be as robust as possible, almost like a toolkit, so there is no one "right" way of putting in information; it can be different with each client's situation.

We offer courses tailored to the Aggregation of the data, which we call our CBData® Aggregator course. 

We offer courses tailored to a complete understanding of the input of the data into our CBData®  software.  Someone who learns that technology process, is called a "Jumpstarter."

Finally, someone who
has experience as both an Aggregator and a JumpStarter and offers both components as a total solution, housed within a professional business structure, complete with insurance and references is called a "JumpStart Concierge."

Come explore which solution is right for you!