CBData® Aggregator
Create a new revenue source for yourself, in just three hours!  Learn what a Life Inventory™ is and the skills to aggregate the information for one, for your clients. 

Why a LIfe Inventory™?   
  1. To protect and preserve your clients' assets and legacy.
  2. To allow them to have all of their important information, right at their fingertips, for informed decision making during crises - medical and natural disasters
  3. To allow them to properly plan for their future.  (How can you plan if you don't know what you have?)
  4. To allow clients to save them time and money.
A “Data Aggregator” is someone who knows what Life Inventory™ information needs to be collected to be input into CBData® and methodically goes about getting that information pulled together, onsite at a client’s home or business.  They are trained by CBData® staff to know what information needs to be collected.

The $150 course includes a packet of questionnaires to help size the project, detail checklists to use, for both residential and small business clients and methods to extract, aggregate and store the information prior to its being digitized into the CBData® personal version and CBData® Pro small business version.  
The CBData
® Aggregator course is a wonderful, needed, additional skillset for any professional to add to their proficiency list.  It expands your current business offering to existing clients and creates exposure to new types of prospective clients.

The course creates a win-win for everyone.  You get a new revenue stream and your client gets their lives in order!