CBData® Certified Concierge
A CBData® Certified JumpStart Concierge is an independently owned and operated service company that provides the entire Life Inventory™ aggregation and data input process, under its professional umbrella.  The Concierge will have experience, references, insurance, a background check and everything an operating service business should have. 

A Certified JumpStart Concierge performs the initial (and sometimes ongoing) data aggregation and data input service for people – personal and professional – who want to get their information organized into the CBData
® Product Suite. 

Available as an onsite service, as a long-distance service, where the client sends us the information, as a “virtual” Internet input service or as a combination of all three, a Certified JumpStart Concierge can branch into whatever additional businesses it wants to offer, as further explained, below.

What’s the difference between a "JumpStarter" and a "Certified JumpStart Concierge"?

Anyone can be a CBData® JumpStarter.  They can take a course, pass a test and start providing services to their clients, just as if they’d taken a QuickBooks® course and passed it.  A JumpStarter does not have to have the additional requirements that a Certified Concierge must have.
A CBData
® Certified Service Provider, such as a Concierge, however, includes CBData® Certified Aggregators and
Certified JumpStarters and has a higher standard, including the items listed above, since CareBinders, LLC will be referring business to the Concierge.  CBData® Certified JumpStart Concierges operate as an independent Strategic Partners of CareBinders, LLC and are located across the country.