CBData® JumpStarter
A  “JumpStarter” is someone who has the knowedge of  taking the information that has been aggregated for a Life Inventory™, getting someone’s CBData® or CBData® Pro software license installed and registered and then initially “populating” the software, for them, on their own local computer or, if the JumpStarter has a Service Hub commercial license, on their own computer.  A JumpStart can be as simple as putting in a client’s baseball card collection for them (by installing, registering and then creating one client profile and “populating” that information) or as detailed as inputting ALL of someone’s initial information, for each member of a family and/or business. 
The goal of a “JumpStart” is to deliver key information as quickly as possible.  The two reports that can be most quickly generated and demonstrate the benefits of the product are the Emergency Wallet Card and the Wallet Contents Report.  A by-product of a JumpStart can be that the client is learning the product, while watching you.  Each client will redefine what a “JumpStart” is, for them.  But the basics (getting someone’s CBData
® or CBData® Pro license installed, registered and initially “populated” for them) always hold true.