CBData® and CBData Pro® Reports

CBData® allows you to print out reports for a variety of reasons, at the touch of a button.  As you populate the Personal, Medical, Financial, Trackers and Small Business sections of your software, CBData® and CBData® Pro can print out "Preview" reports on each screen, allowing you to see abbreviated reports of the information that you've input.  

There are, additionally,
reporting sections for each side of the program, that create the Preview Reports, more Detailed Reports for a given Tab and "Intelligent Reports" that take data from multiple tabs to create aggregated, meaningful information.

To the left are samples of just a few of the popular reports you can obtain
, section by section, from each of CBData®, the personal version and CBData® Pro, the small business version of the software, as well as screenshots from each product .

As you go through the Reports section, feel free to click on the individual report or screenshot to make it bigger and, thus, easier to read!