CBData® Medical Reports
The Medical Reports SubTab has a variety of reports that are generated by single screen views and combined views of the data in the Personal and Medical Tabs.  Examples are a Medical Intake Form that a Member can take to the doctor’s office, that lists the Member, their address, even a picture of them, all of their important medical information about which the doctor’s office would need to know and an Emergency Wallet Card to carry in the Member’s wallet, listing emergency contact and medical information.

Below are a representative set of Medical Tab reports.  To see any of them, click on the name, to the left, in the tree directory.


For each member of your family, generate a list of all of your doctors, their office practice name, their specialty, their phone number(s) and address(es), sorted by state and then by specialty.

Emergency Wallet Card

An Emergency Wallet Card provides critical medical information which is invaluable to attending medical personnel in an emergency situation. The card lists your name, address, phone, blood type, emergency contacts, doctors and their phone numbers, allergies, medications, medical conditions, health insurance information and even has a picture of you. For durability, print out the report, cut it out, fold it and laminate it!

Medical Intake Report

Print out all relevant medical information so you don't have to fill out the same forms, asking the same questions, each time you or someone you love has to visit a doctor. By presenting your doctor with an updated, current report of all of the prescriptions, dosages, diagnoses, test results, allergies and family history, that includes all of the doctors you see, you ensure that your doctor has your complete medical history, not just the medical history from their practice.

Detail Medications

For each member of your family, generate a detailed list of each medication, which includes information like who prescribed the medication, its dosage, frequency, the reason for the medication, the pharmacy where the prescription was filled, the Rx Number, priority and the date it was started. This report is a must for individuals with complex medical issues!