CBData® Personal Version Screenshots
Below are some representative Screenshots from the CBData® Personal Version of our software.  They should give you a good taste of the look and feel and easy way our product works!

Grab'n Go

This feature allows you to pre-select a set of Reports and Attachments, Member by Member, ahead of time, so that, if you need that information in a hurry, all you have to do is insert a flash drive into your PC and hit the Grab’N Go icon. In a medical emergency, having the right information can save lives and in the event of fire, flood or theft, accurate records are key to reclaiming what is yours!

Screen Sensitive Help

We have a Help button on every screen that brings you to screen sensitive Help. The Help menu explains, screen by screen, field by field, what type of information to enter and how that information should be input, including attachments.

SubTabs Last Updated

The Last Updated report allows you to see when each SubTab was last updated. Use this feature to ensure your information is up-to-date.


CBData® lets you set Reminders on every screen, by Member Profile, in the program.  The Reminders Tab allows you to see all of your reminders for that profile in one location. Reminders needing attention within 7 days, alert you, each time you enter the program and select the specific profile.  Additionally, you can “push” reminders to your Outlook® calendar, consolidating all reminders!

Event Logs

With the Event Log, you can create your own diary of phone calls, meetings and notes that you want to maintain regarding specific Firms, Companies, Facilities, and Financial SubTabs.

Search Data

This feature allows you to search the database to find Entities, Contacts, Addresses, Phone Numbers and Attachments that are stored in the CBData® database for the Member Profile that you’re in.

Mobile Device Sync

Any and all of the data you input into CBData®, other than attachments, can be viewed as a read-only file, sync’d to your mobile device(s). The Mobile Device App is included with the CBData® software product, at no additional charge. The sync is currently available for Apple®’s iOS operating system (iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®); Android® devices will be supported in the near future.

Backup/Restore Utilities

The Backup/Restore Utilities of CBData® enable you to choose to run an automatic backup of your CBData® data file, to compact your database, which keeps the database healthy and working efficiently, to restore a previously backed up data file and to distribute your data file to a family member or trusted advisor with a special passkey, so they can open your file with their own CBData® software.

Manage User Security

The Manage User Security SubTab is for the Administrator of the program (the first person to log into the program) to be able to create and manage other CBData® users. The Administrator can edit usernames and passwords and decide how much information each user can access of each of the profiles set up in the program. This allows trusted advisors and family members to access certain sections of each family member’s profile, even on a read-only basis.

Manage Passwords

The Administrator of the program, the first person to log into the program, controls the password protection of sensitive information across all users. Passwords can be set on a user by user, profile by profile basis. A user may also set passwords for certain profiles, if given permission by the Administrator.

Manage Dropdown Fields

CBData® allows the Administrator to preload or pre-populate the values that are displayed in each of the Dropdown Lists in the CBData® program. This makes choices easier and more consistent throughout the program.

Import Utility

There is a robust Import Utility, within CBData®, that allows information that already exists in other programs to be imported into CBData®, eliminating manual input. You can import contacts, phone numbers, addresses, account balances, and more from programs, such as Excel™, Quicken™, QuickBooks™ and Outlook™.