CBData® Pro Small Business Reports
Welcome to CBData® Pro's Small Business Reports!

There are literally hundreds of reports created by CBData® Pro to
help clients make logical, meaningful sense of all of the small business information they've input into the product and to be able to use on a daily, monthly or periodic basis, as desired.

CBData® Pro's Small Business version houses reports within each of the SubTabs in the program. 

Each of CBData® Pro's Reports SubTabs has been created to allow for filtering, sorting and detail reporting for information contained within its Tab, as well as to intelligently aggregate certain information from across all of the other Main Tabs.

The tree to the left contains the five main SubTabs, representing the five business areas covered by our small business product.  Tracker reports reside within each of the main SubTabs, as well.  Tracker Tabs allow user-defined categories and miscellaneous claims to be tracked. 

There is also a SubTabs Status Report that lets the User know the last time each SubTab was updated, to ensure that your data does not become stale.

To see the types of reports in each section of CBData® Pro, open up the type of business section you'd like to see and click on the name of the desired report. 

And for a sneak peek at some of our screenshots, open up the Screenshots tree directory!