CBData® Pro Business Structure Reports
The Business Structure Reports SubTab has a variety of reports that are generated by single screen views and combined views of the data across all CBData® Pro Tabs.  One example is a Data Locator Report that a CEO can use to send to each of the designated “In Case of Emergency” (ICE) Professional Contacts, such as their accountant and/or attorney.  This report will inform recipients of the whereabouts of all of the Business’s important information that they will need to locate if the head of the firm becomes incapacitated or passes away.  Another example is the Termination Report, that lists everything that the business would need to know that they've given an employee or consultant, who is being terminated, so passwords can quickly be changed and property gets properly returned to the firm.

Below are a representative set of Business Structure Tab reports.  To see any of them, click on the report name, to the left, in the tree directory.

Business Details

Business Details contains basic information about each CBData® Pro Business Profile, such as the legal name, the incorporation date and state, if the firm is doing business as another name (dba) and even a logo of the firm.

Office Locations

Office Locations can be as close as your own home, reusing the address from the Personal side of CBData®, or you may have one or more branch offices of your firm.  You can attach a picture of each office or warehouse.

Professional Address Book

With one click you can have a report of your professional contacts, with all of their emails, phone numbers, business and even residential addresses. There is a relationship field, in professional contacts, that makes it easy to sort this report into meaningful groups.  Additionally, the information in this report can be imported from the CBData® personal side of the product and, as with all reports, can be exported to an Excel format for use in other programs.

Business Tracker

The Business Tracker SubTab allows the user to create categories that house business information, such as a business plan, a BCDR (business continuity and disaster recovery) report, incorporation papers, registrations and even categories that create a business To-Do List.  Resulting reports are able to Filter, Sort and Select Categories and Date Ranges, making this a very powerful tool.

Data Locator

A Data Locator report will inform recipients of the whereabouts of all of the important information that they’ll need to locate, for your business, such as the bank accounts, brokerage accounts, the firm's investments and the most recent values of those accounts, for proper financial planning and in the event that you become incapacitated or pass away. This report also includes a list of important documents, registrations, policies, passwords, secured locations, clients, employees, professional affiliations and more. It’s a roadmap to your business life!  You can send a version of the Business Data Locator Report to your estate planner, accountant, attorney and other trusted advisors.


The Vendors/Suppliers report maintains an updated list of business service providers (contractors, web designers, marketing firms, web hosting companies, office suppliers, etc.), for each business location, commercial property, warehouse or all of the above. It lists the name of the service provider, the type of service, the phone number, the account number and notes that may be relevant for prompt servicing of your account.

Passwords & Secure Locations

This report aggregates all of the passwords for the Business Structure, HR, CRM and Financial Tabs. (The IT passwords are separately stored.)  It documents all of your secure locations, such as the office code, alarm code, safe deposit box, online banking passwords, office safe combination, frequent flyer numbers, bill paying, insurance and other online account passwords, ensuring that no one will have to worry about a “digital afterlife”, with open accounts that could be targets for identity theft.

SubTabs Last Updated

The Last Updated report allows you to see when each SubTab was last updated. Use this feature to ensure your information is up-to-date.

Termination Checklist
Coming soon, this report will list every item that has been given to an employee or consultant, including access cards, passwords, computers and other types of considerations.