CBData® Pro Financial Reports
The Financial Reports SubTab has a variety of reports that are generated by single screen views and combined views of the data in the HR, CRM and Financial Tabs, such as billing reports and statements. 

Below are a representative set of Financial Tab reports.  To see any of them, click on the name, to the left, in the tree directory.

Billing Rate Codes

The Billing Rate Codes SubTab allows the User to create Billing Rate Codes that will be used to tell the billing program how to charge for different tasks done by employees and/or consultants.  The report shows you what billing rates you have created to be used, by client, for each type of activity that you perform in your business.  You can even create, for the same code, different rates for each client!

Client Billable Hours

Client Billable Hours allows the User to take hours from the TimeSheets SubTab and use them to determine how many of those hours are billable to a client and at what rate.  It also allows the User to create an Invoice Number.  This report shows you, by client, how may hours have been used, how many of those hours are billable, at what price and what the Invoice Number is.

General Charges

General Charges/Expenses allow a user to charge for non-time related items.  Those could include a Retainer, Travel expenses, copy charges, late charges and even “widgets” – items that are for sale or resale.  This report summarizes the general charges and can be filtered, by client.

Invoices - Detail

The Detailed Invoice Report shows a complete invoice, by client, including all charges for that invoice, all payments made against that invoice and a total amount due.  The Invoice Report includes the logo of your firm, as input in Business Details.


The Statement Report shows a summary of all invoices, by client, including payments against each invoice, with a resulting total amount due.  The Statement Report includes the logo of your firm, as input in Business Details.

Financial Tracker

Our Financial Tracker keeps track of any of your additional financial activities or information not covered in our formal Financial Tab. Keep track of office improvement costs, bills to pay, or donations. The Financial Tracker can also be the automatic repository of financial balances posted from the Financial Accounts and Investments SubTabs, whenever you want the balances historically recorded.

Leases, Contracts & Trusts

This report is for consolidating all of the information about the various Policies, Leases, Contracts and Trusts that you hold in the name of your firm.  Such documents can include insurance policies such as key life, office and car insurance, umbrella policies and other types of contracts, such as maintenance agreements Limited Partnership agreements and Trust Documents. You can even scan and attach a copy of each document, for safe keeping and easy access.

Misc. Claims Tracker

Keep track of any type of business, car, umbrella, workmen's comp or other insurance claims, every step of the way. Track the reason for the claim, the service and the service provider, track quotes and estimates, and each service provider’s invoice number. When you make a payment, you can record the claim number, the amount paid by insurance, by you, when each payment was made, and get a detailed or summary report that shows the status of each claim and if any reimbursements are still due.