CBData®  Pro Human Resources Reports
The Human Resources Reports SubTab has a variety of reports that are generated by single screen views and combined views of the data in the HR SubTabs. 

Below are a representative set of Human Resources Tab reports.  To see any of them, click on the name, to the left, in the tree directory.


The Benefits SubTab records any benefits, by Employee/Consultant, that the Business Profile has contractually agreed to, and memorializes these in a report, by Employee or Consultant.


Compensation for Employees and Consultants can be in the form of a contract, commission or any other form and can be paid out hourly, monthly, bi-weekly or over any period of time. Compensation is memorialized in CBData® Pro and can be reported for the business owner, HR, compliance person and even for the auditor to see and review. 


Equity and Options memorializes a Business Profile’s granting of investment in the Business by outside investors and internal Employee/Consultants, alike.  The report shows the people granted investment, the type of investment and how vested they are.


TimeSheets, when used diligently, capture all of the time spent by employees and consultants, for a Business.  They are a critical part of understanding the time that goes into a Business.  Time that is billable must be supported by documentation.  Time that is internally spent gives a good indication, when analyzed, for understanding areas where the business could become more efficient.   The owner of a business generally determines the “buckets” or “categories” of time spent.  Those “buckets” are called “Service Codes” in CBData® Pro and reporting can be done by employee, by client and by code.

HR Tracker

Our HR Tracker keeps track of any of your additional human resource activities or information not covered in our formal HR Tab.  The HR Tracker SubTab is meant to allow the User to keep track of any type of HR-related project for a Business.  Examples might be doing a search for a new employee, job descriptions, keeping track of the steps needed for terminating an employee, attaching the Employee Handbook, blank Review Forms and Employment Agreements and even job postings.