Strategic Partners
CBData® Service Providers

These are our personally trained, CBData® Aggregators, JumpStarters and Certified Concierges, strategically located across the U.S.  From New Jersey to Ohio to Illinois to Missouri to Texas to Florida, we are continually adding new professionally trained providers.

® Aggregators have taken our course to learn what a Life Inventory™ is and how to create one.  Many of them are members of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), a group of 4200+ people, nationally, that know how to professionally help both people and businesses "get organized".  From time management to coaching to organizing everything from closets to home offices to helping organize seniors, professional organizers are an invaluable resource to a family and/or business.  They have the requisite skill sets to manage a project, be supportive and reassuring and to "go the distance" to see a task successfully completed. 

CBData® JumpStarters have taken an additional course to know how to input the aggregated information into our secure software product, CBData
®.  They are technologically competent and can determine the best way to input your data within our product.

CBData® Certified Concierges are our most advanced Service Providers; they have a strict set of requirements, such as insurance, references, experience and formal organizations and pull together all of the skillsets of the Aggregators and the JumpStarters to give a client a full spectrum  service solution, partnering with the client until the client is either comfortable enough to take over the maintenance of their CBData® file or continuing on, maintaining the data for the client, to ensure that it doesn't get stale.

Click on the designated Service Provider on the tree, to the left, to see a listing of firms for each area mentioned, above.  New firms are continually being added, so be sure to check back, from time to time.