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Strategic Resources

Strategic Resources can be firms, websites and even articles that we have identified that complement our solutions and our products.  They may supplement our services.  They may reinforce our goals and objectives.  They may drill into a specific discipline and give more detail or help on a variety of topics.

Stay tuned to this screen!  New Strategic Resources will be added as we find them!

Summitas - an innovative web based communications platform that delivers a secure and encrypted digital vault with iPad app, social networking platform and email. With our focus on security and privacy, our clients use the Summitas portal to ensure personal matters are kept private.

International Genealogical Search, Inc.
Since 1967, International Genealogical Search Inc. has strived to become the leading North American heir search firm by means of providing "A Better Way" to find missing Heirs, Beneficiaries, Legatees, Stockholders, Class Action Claimants, and Intellectual Property-rights owners for the legal and trust communities.

National Association of Unclaimed Property Adminisrators
Want to find out if you or your family members own any of the $35 - $400 BILLION dollars of unclaimed property, held by U.S. state governments?
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