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On CBData® JumpStart Class:

"I am so glad I signed up for the CBData® JumpStarter training. CBData® is such a powerful program, that I needed the step-by-step guidance Carol provided on each tab and sub-tab. Now that I know the program much better, it will be easy to tell all of my clients and colleagues about it, teach them how to use it as well, and grow my business. Thanks, Carol!

Gayle M. Gruenberg, CPO-CD®, Chief Executive Organizer, Westwood, NJ, 3/12/15
Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization

On CBData® "Concierge" Service

"Working with Carol with CB data has organized my life and lifted so much stress off my plate. All of my important information and documents can now be called up on a moment’s notice. I was very impressed by her professionalism and the secure and confidential approach she provided. She is an asset to her profession and a true catalyst for change."

Christy N., Mahwah, NJ. 3/10/15

On Live Presentations:

“Hi Carol, I'm just pulling together the loose ends in relation to our Soup and Sandwich event of Sunday past. I was thrilled with your presentation and heard a lot of positive feedback. The information was so timely and offered in a dynamic way. It hit home for many. I will share your contact info with my colleagues and hope the word gets out to many, who like myself, need to take a look at having all their "ducks in a row".”

Carol O., NJ. 1/29/15

On CBData® JumpStart Class:

“Great course! I learned so much useful user-friendly information. Your presentation was clear, logical, and provided very well-considered tools. I can't wait to put them to good use with my clients and my own life!”

Devora F., NJ 11/18/14

On CBData® Life Inventory™ Class:

“Great course! I learned so much useful user-friendly information. Your presentation was clear, logical, and provided very well-considered tools. I can't wait to put them to good use with my clients and my own life!”

Devora F., Passaic, NJ, 11/17/14

“Hi Carol! I have to thank you, as I went on and will soon receive a check for $483! I was SHOCKED to see my name on the list. My brother-in-law was also on the list and will be receiving his check soon as well. We owe it all to you! Thanks again Carol!”

Renee Camporeale

On CBData® Pro "JumpStart"

"CBData® is the best organizational software on the market by far! This product has helped me get more organized in my business and personal life. I would highly recommend this software to anyone! As an emerging CTA, organization is key to long term growth and success. CBData®  will help ensure that my company grows in the most organized and efficient manner."

Ike Sanni, CTA Iron Fortress FX USA 3/29/13

On being "JumpStarted" and the concept of CBData® 

"Developing a Life Inventory™ is a winner for both the professional and the client. It allows the planner to properly plan for the client, by knowing everything that is important to the client and ensures that the client's family knows everything they need to know, during the inevitable trying times."

Sid Kess, CPA, JD 1/28/13

On the CBData® Aggregator Course:

"Excellent class this week – really! It was a lot of information but presented in such an organized and logical way that it did made sense to me. To me it really drove home how important all of this information is to have in one place and accessible."

Kathe R., NJ, 1/8/13

On the CBData® Product:

"Yesterday I received a testimonial from a man who had purchased "CBData® " and said he is 'in ongoing process of using these tools to better organize my personal and financial info and files.'”

Nancy H., OH, 9/12/12

On being "JumpStarted":

"I searched everywhere for a solution to organize my life files and was finally referred to CareBinders. I find this tool to be simply wonderful! I opted to use the JumpStart program and was incredibly impressed with the level of service. I look forward to using CBData®  for decades to come!"

Ashley B., Hartford, CT, 3/15/12

On being "JumpStarted":

"Carol Kaufman has thought of everything! Carebinders is a "must have" product for all generations, in all families. In addition, I highly recommend and encourage everyone to use their JumpStart program which streamlines the process of inputting data. Looking forward to the new edition."

Mary Anne L., CA, 3/12/12

On the CBData® Product:

"I am a health care surrogate for several family members including my parents that live 1000 miles away. Since the end of May, my parents reside in a nursing home and senior apartment. The CBData® program has been even more valuable to me. I utilize the program almost daily either inputting new information for my parents including their medical and nursing care, tracking their medications, weights, urinary tract infection, antibiotic therapy, falls, blood sugars, etc. Whenever I contact the nursing home, if there is a discrepancy, I pull up my CBData® program and review specific dates, incidents, events, test results, or medical conditions. This helps keep the nursing home staff accountable and has helped identify medication errors, delays in obtaining test results or delays in medical treatment that otherwise may have gone undetected by me, the staff, or their doctor. Thank you Carol for developing CBData® , assisting me in achieving my goals, and listening to my suggestions and recommendations to make improvements to the program."

Barb R., Tampa, FL

On Customer Support:

"I had catastrophic issues with my computer--my hard drive had to be reformatted, all my software reinstalled and data restored. The silver lining for me was that CBData® re-installed seamlessly, worked correctly as if nothing ever happened, and now I have first-hand disaster recovery experience I can share with my clients on this wonderful product. CareBinders also had great customer support when I needed it. I went to the Web site, found the number, called and got the founder, Carol Kaufman! Her support was quick, easy, friendly and patient. I was back and running CBData® in less than an hour after my Support call."

Ann B., NJ

From a 75 year old Beta Tester of the CBData® product:

"The best part about your product is that it made me think about all the things I realized that I should have together, but don't!"

Sy G., FL