What Is CBData®?
Keep Track of Your Life Inventory™

CBData® is the most complete personal recordkeeping software & service solution available - the only one that handles all of your life's data: personal, medical, financial and more, creating a Life Inventory™ for each family member!  CBData® is designed to handle it all:
  • Account numbers-banks, brokerage and more
  • Copies/scans of all your important documents
  • Credit cards
  • Doctors
  • Emergency contacts
  • Emergency medical information
  • Insurance policies
  • Medical history
  • Multiple residences, including commercial properties
  • Passwords
  • Pets
  • Prescriptions
  • Security alarm codes
  • Service providers/vendors
  • Vital statistics
...and much more!  You can use your CBData® to keep track of fun things too including photos, pictures of your home, your art collections and anything else that should be catalogued. Program it to remind you of important dates, meetings or other events that require your attention.

 Get started today. Download your copy of CBData®.  If it’s important to you and your family, it should be in your copy of CBData®