What Is CBData®?
What is a Life Inventory™?

A Life Inventory™ is a catalog of everything important in your clients’ lives; from their family members, pets, to their online accounts, passwords and secured locations.  From their wallet contents to the financial accounts.  From their service providers to their medical information.  From their pictures of their home contents to pictures of their family...and everything in between.

There are three basic components to creating a Life Inventory™:
  1. Aggregating the information
  2. Scanning the necessary documents
  3. Inputting the information into a secure digital repository, such as CBData®

The combination of  creating a Life Inventory™ and storing it in a secure, robust software product like CBData®, for immediate accessibility for informed decisionmaking,  for sharing with family members, trusted advisors, for backup and for proving ownership of your belongings and the ability to properly plan for your future encompasses what we call the CBData® Life Inventory™ Solution.

Whether you want to just buy the software and do everything yourself, or want our service, to help you, or want a combination of both, we're here to guide you any way that will help get your Life Inventory™ assembled as easily and stress-free as possible.