What Is CBData®?
Why CBData®?

CBData® is the fast, simple and efficient way to pull together and keep track of all your personal, medical and financial information.  Instead of sorting through piles of papers, post-it notes or racing to your safe deposit box, rely on CBData®.
  • CBData® is the only software program specifically designed to create a Life Inventory that keeps track of all of your data: personal, medical, financial and more! (fun stuff, too!)
  • CBData® offers a complete Life Inventory™ service solution, in addition to our software, for those people that know they need to get organized, but dont' have the time or know how to get started.
  • It has a Reminder system that alerts you to important things in your life that need to be done and, if you use Outlook®, can send the reminder directly there, as well!
  • CBData® is "smart" and saves you time: enter important data once and CBData® instantly places it in all the appropriate places.
  • CBData® is secure - there's no connection to the Internet; your data is protected by 256bit encryption, multi-layers of password protection and a unique ID that we call a "fingerprint".
  • Scan/attach copies of important documents (e.g., birth certificate, tax statements) and easily import data from other programs, using Excel.
  • Instantly output intelligent forms you can use with doctors, lawyers, accountants, employers and moreQuickly locate any information in CBData® using our one-step search function
  • Store data just for one person or for each member of your entire family - you can set up an unlimited number of CBData® Profiles and Users on your computer.
Get started today. Download your copy of CBData®. If it's important to you and your family, it should be in your copy of CBData®.