What Is CBData®?
CBData® is a suite of Solutions and Products designed to help people deal with the daunting task of pulling together their Life Inventory™, in order to "get their houses in order".   We utilize experienced CBData® Aggregators that partner with you to help you pull together your personal, medical, financial and even small business information, for each family member, take pictures to create your "home inventory", scan the appropriate documents and prepare the information to be into our unique and secure software tools, CBData® and CBData® Pro.  These products organize and store every aspect of and individual and family’s personal and small business lives - all in one place, fully secure, residing right on your personal computer.

® Pro, our small business product, focuses on the 30+ million people that work out of their homes, sometimes with multiple businesses. These people need a product that ties together Business Structure, HR (Human Resources), IT, CRM (client relationship management) and even reuses existing personal data that applies to their small business, without having to reinput information or buy multiple products that don’t talk to each other.

Data, reports and attachments for both products are easily backed up onto a flash drive and even onto your mobile device, for portability, making CBData
® a perfect disaster recovery "GO" tool.

Give us 6-12 hours, even right over the phone, and we'll give you the JumpStart that begins to get your family, your small business, or both - organized!